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the moments before he died. arrested here by south african police, reportedly because his car was pollacking traffic. what happened next has provoked outrage. he resisted. eventually he was handcuffed to the back of a police van and then, exactly why is still under investigation, the van drove off, dragging him along the ground. he died soon after with head injuries and internal bleeding. today relatives gathered near his home in a troubled neighborhood outside johannesburg anxious for answers. >> i know now we need justice. if there is no justice, let them serve it. >> outside a small protest. he came from mo zambrano "businessweek," prompting some to target foreigners.
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it wouldn't be the first time. >> 100% wrong. i think the government bust do something about this. >> south africa's internal reputation has taken quite a hammering in recent months, and this incident is not going to help. the president has weighed in today describing the police brutality as horrific and unacceptable. authorities are struggling to break the culture of violence. the eight police officers, initially suspended, have now been suspended. >> some visited offering condolences. >> this is quite an embarrassing act that has been done by our police. it is something that could have been avoid, and it shouldn't have been -- shouldn't have
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happened. >> there is grief here today, and outrage. but in a violent country, no great sense of surprise. andrew harding, "bbc news," south africa. >> some tough kess in africa to the economic battle taking place here in washington. across the board budget cuts, known as a sequester are set to take place. ahead of that deadline, both political parties were keen to put their spin on events. president obama appeared in a briefing room after a meeting with congressional lead doors make his case. >> at a time when our businesses have finally begun to get tracks, hiring new workers, we shouldn't be making a series of dumb, arbitrary cuts to things that businesses depend on and workers depend on like education and research and infrastructure and defense. it's unnecessary and at a time when too many americans are
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still looking for work, it is-in excusable. >> president obama, earlier today. how do average americans feel about the stand-off? our michelle wasn't to norfolk, decision. >> american politics aren't too popular among this crowd. washington may only be a three-hour drive away, but they don't think much here about how the nation's capital is handling the showdown. >> politically, how can congress let that happen? they can't let all of these people get laid off? >> other countries are looking at us to see what we do, and they are making judgment about how we handle our affairs. >> as home to the u.s. navy's main shipyard and the fleet, it is exposed to budget cuts that should shave a half percent off growth. it is another kind of forced
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retirement that is worries people in this region on. unless a is made, then defense workers will be forced to take unpaid leave. the white house says as many as 90,000 people could be affected in virginia alone. private ship builders would also be forced to lay off workers. but it is not just the military worried about these cuts. school life will always be affected. few your teachers will mean larger class sizes. and perhaps designed to help the neediest children will be hit. that means tough decisions ahead for the local school boards. even the mayors can't see light. >> i am already getting letters from defense contract arias notifying of layoffs. general dynamics may lay off 6,400 works across the country.
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i am getting those daily now. >> back at the tyner, they know this is just the beginning as america's politicians continue to get to grips with their budget battle. >> michelle reporting there. for more on the potential impact of these cuts and the political tug of war taking place, i am joined now by someone from the "wall street journal." these spending cuts were supposed to be so severe that they would sara fly lawmakers -- would terrify lacoursiere into making doctor lawmakers. >> later day, president obama will have to give them the noesi to cut the budget. then furlough noesi will begin going out. it could be a month before you actually see some of the cuts take effect. but other budget cuts are going
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to take effect. we will see that starting to filter through, but it is going to be more of a slow bleed. >> is this going to harm america's economic growth? >> there is no doubt it will harm the trajectory of the economy to some degree. what we don't know is how much it will hurt. we know the economy has been growing slowly over the last couple of years. we were seeing a pick up in the housing market due to other factors. this will probably off set what we see in 2013. there will be some drag on employment. there will be few jobs created, and you will see less investment by businesses as a result. >> we going to see four more years of this kind of stand-off between the president and republicans, or do you think they will come to their senses and stop this sort of behavior? >> we have all been hoping they would come to their senses.
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what is interesting about this battle and where we are now, we saw threats of a shut down, talking about raising the debt limit, and they were usually resolved in the 11th hour, and we didn't actually go deep into the effects of these. this is the first time we are going to see a test when you start affecting people's services in a real sense. that is going to be a clarifying moment. >> the marketing seemed to just shrug off these cuts today. >> investors laugh looked at this and seen budgets cuts off to the last our. the dow is near an all-time high, and the stock market is high. at some point they are going to realize this is going to be a hit to the economy they v.p. factored in, and they will have
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to make some adjustment as a result of that. but they don't want to get burned having gotten too worried too early in prior episodes. >> thank you. just as the white house wages this fiscal fight at home, secretary of state john kerry is dealing with another dust up. he criticized comments by the turkish prime minister, calling them zionist. today the u.n. secretary-general warned that the current civil war is breaking syria apart. i spoke with former defense secretary william cohen. >> they have responded to the why that the u.s. is going to give non-lethal aid by saying wie don't want food, drink and bandages. we want arms. >> it may be too little, too
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late in terms of the syrian opposition. they may look at this and say where have you been? the more radical groups in the movement itself seem to be gaining support from the syrian public. so unless they can get substantial military stance, they are not rejecting it, but it is $60 million, bringing it to over $100 million. it is not something he can walk away from, but the message is it is not enough. we can't win under these circumstances. >> but why can't they have arms if it means fewer would be killed because it would end the conflict more quickly? >> you still have iran behind the scenes, and russian still has a big hand to play here. that is another thing that secretary kerry has to be concerned with.
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he has met with his counterpart from russian. russian has shown very little interest in bringing about a settlement, and they have said we can't help her. >> vladimir putin did speak with president obama today. is that hopeful? >> i would hope so, bulldogs i don't think you can reach a result here without russia playing a major role. i think it is important for russia to do this. they want to protect your interests, you but' also have an interest in being seat as a peacemaker. >> the u.n. secretary-general talked today about the dissolution of syria. just how dangerous would that be for the region? >> it is dangerous because syria does have chemical
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weapons. the evidence is clear here that syria is it have these weapons. i can recall years ago in serving in the senate, i used to look at intelligence in terms of chemical weapon capabilities and tests they did on various animals. i would say the evidence is quite clear they do have the capable and something that much of the world should be concerned about, being concerned that these arms would end up in the hands of radical elements. >> do you think this is going to draw out? >> i thought it would have ended some time ago. i thought there would have been a much great international participation in this. the problem is once you take step one, you have to know what step two and threes are going
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to be. including iran and russia. >> thank you for joining us. >> my pressure. >> in other news, the death of a 3-year-old russian boy the center of a dispute was accidental. >> they say it was caused by self-inflicted hitting. >> a private company flying cargo supplies to the international space station saying its latest capsule has encountered a problems. space x had problems firing its thruster rockets but now says all four should be working soon. turning all eyes on kenya. the country's president has called for a free and peaceful
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protest after a previous session was marred by ethnic violence. following elections in 2007, more than 1,000 people were killed. hundreds of thousands were fortsed to free from their homes. here is our report on what is at stake. >> in kenya, elections are as fiercely fought as they are colorful. but in the final days of the campaign beneath the veneer of exuberance, people are afraid. this is niney's biggest vum. -- slum. five years ago, tensions between these communities turned violent. now as polling day approaches, businesses are closing down in anticipation of more trouble to come. >> charles runs a scrap metal deepership. he lost everything in the violence that followed the last election because his business
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was torched. he is clearing out before the vote. he didn't want to show his face on camera. >> i am wondering why are they scared? >> you can see they are scared, so you are scared, too? >> yes. rfers these kind of machetes, pangas as they are known here. they are ordinary household implements here. but when the violence started, they i.b.m. implements of war. this week a number of people have reported that the purchase of these has gone up. ethnic communities turned on one another following the last disputed election. over 500,000 fled hair homes. some say the violence was deliberatery orchestrated.
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one of the front-runners in the race this time around is due to go on try at the hagan later in the year. he said he has strong support. >> my number one job is to lead our country. we like what we are living here. >> it is at the center of joint british and e.u. effort to help. the world is watching. what happened on polling day will have consequences for the region and beyond. for now, though, most kenyans are simply prying for peace. "bbc news" in nairobi. >> still to come on tonight's program, dennis rom bids
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fairway to wong yang after a most unusual round of basketball dipe massachusetts. >> a ceremony has been held in jept where a hot air balloon crashed on tuesday killing 19 people. investigation suggested that a fire broke out when a landing cable tore one of the fuel tubes. officials from hong kong and japan were among those who attended today's services. >> for three days after that crash in which 19 people are killed, there is a small ceremony that is going on right now where the basketball landed and many of the bodies found. here now are local officials, but officials from hong kong and japan, and officials representing other balloon agencies throughout europe. they have felt the
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repercussions over what happened very badly. nine from hong kong were killed, and among them were two from the u.k. we have heard her emotional tribute to them from family and friends and colleagues who worked with them. but there was another couple from scotland. michael was the only survivor of the tourists. he hasn't been discharged from hospital, and he is on his way back to period of time. but his wife was called. he called yvonne his rock. he said she was my friend, my shoulder to cry on. she was my world. he also thanked representatives from the high commission or embassy here by thomas cook and other people here and cairo. he gave condolences to the
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families of the other victims, and some of those are represented here today. >> now what is the link between the chicago bulls and north korea's new leader? love the basketball it turns out. north korea usually shrouds its leaders in secrecy, but not this week. stayed media has been publicizing between their youthful leader, and a retired american basketball player, dennis rom. for more on this pairing, i spoke with blake, the managing editor of foreign policy magee. blake, could this story be more surreal? >> it stiemsma like something straight out of the onion or some other fictional magazine. of all the people in the world,
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dennis rodman becomes the first hot profile american to meet the north korean leader. >> is it more sporting or a p.r. stunt? >> i think the nancy view -- the north koreans view it as a propaganda stunt. they are playing it up that this great nba star is giving fealty to the great north korean leader. from my perspective, anything we can learn about this guy is a good thing, even if it gets a little propaganda. >> do you think dennis rodman is going to be de-briefed by state department officials? >> they made very clear that they aren't going to seek out to de-brief him, but i am sure other agencies would want to do
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that. >> kim jong-il predicted this could be an ice breaker between north korea and america? >> well, there are a lot of things that have to happen before you break the ice between the two countries. the main thing is north korea has to tone down its actions, testing missiles toward the u.s. and japan. >> north korea's top nuclear negotiator was sitting close to dennis rodman. anything you can read into that? >> i think it shows what importance he plays in the regime, and maybe it was a ben sent to the united states that maybe we could have a fresh round of talks.
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but it is hard to interpret their signals. >> thank you for joining us. >> from the old couple to a story which may make parents think twhiss beforehanding over their ipad to a child. one managed to rack up a bill of $2,5 huckabee visiting a paid gaming site. >> there are some games that are free, but others aren't. this fan is dead keen on zombies and found himself an onlinedom business game, not realizing he was running up a bill for thousands. >> i just clicked on it because it said it was free, and i gave it to dad, and he put the pass
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word, and the next day it cost the money. >> he had been pestering them for the pass word. when mom saw the 1,700 pound bill, she couldn't believe it. >> horrified. i was completely flabbergasted how a free man could amount to 1,700 pounds when it said free. >> apple has now refunded the full amount, but some say thatale and computer games developers need to make it clear when games cost money. >> apple needs to be very careful to watch pass words. parents have to be aware that real money is being spent in these games and that pass words need to be kept secret secret. danny can still play on the
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tablet, but just in certain places. >> well, at least they got a refund. they bring today's broadcast for a close. you can continue watching "bbc news" for constant updates around the world on our 24-hour news network. to reach me and most of the team, we are at twitter@bb news. thanks for watching. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu you will, newman's own foundation, fidelity investments, union bank, and united health care. >> music is a universal language. but when i was in an accident, i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its
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